Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Worst Day

So yeah... I had my college graduation ceremony yesterday. And as you can see from the title, it was horrible. Not because the ceremony itself was bad, but maybe because I was late to the ceremony.

Or, maybe it's because when I thought I was all set to go home, I was reminded about a bed, which I didn't even use for a year (I used it for a year before that), that I had to take care of because a friend of mine who gave it to me originally wanted it back, and so my father, my older brother and I had to tie it to the roof of our car and look like fools driving 15 min at 10 mph while holding the damn bed to make sure it doesn't fall.

Or, maybe it's because after moving that damn bed, it hit me that maybe the guy who actually used the bed for a year (for free!) should've been the one taking care of it, or maybe because I found out, after moving the bed (again), that the lease the guys who lived in that apartment had doesn't end until way later, in which case I could have just left it there for my friend to come and pick it up later.

Or, all things aside, maybe my day was already ruined when my name was not called at the ceremnoy, and I was sitting in the line behind the last row like a jackass, while others were all going onto podium and get their diploma. The worst thing about this is that nobody seemed to notice this. Nobody. There are several possibilities as to why this happened, but I'm not gonna go into it here. Let me just say, although I pity my school for what happened recently, I am greatly angry and disappointed at Virginia Tech. @#%@^@$%@#!!!!

This is not me, by the way.

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Victoria said...

your day wasn't too bad after all. We listened to a lot of songs driving back home. And I enjoyed sightseeing your school. ^^ except some people cried at the memorial sight. Welcome back home.