Sunday, May 6, 2007

Eternity Ends

e·ter·ni·ty [i-tur-ni-tee]
–noun, plural -ties.
  1. infinite time; duration without beginning or end.
  2. eternal existence, esp. as contrasted with mortal life: the eternity of God.
  3. Theology. the timeless state into which the soul passes at a person's death.
  4. an endless or seemingly endless period of time.
  5. eternities, the truths or realities of life and thought that are regarded as timeless or eternal.

Focus on the first: duration without beginning or end. Putting the word end and eternity together; a paradox it is. This world--from our perspective, at least--is eternal; we do not know its beginning, or its end. She will live on, even if the last of humanity evaporates.

But she is tender , susceptible to changes. One moment she is warm and embracing. She's like a mother caring over her child, holding an infant in her bossom, tending and caring, singing him a lullaby. We're happy. Everything falls in right places, smile on people walking on streets... All is well.

Then the world falls apart, people dying, crying... Like a mad mother without sanity, she takes away what she has given to us. So many hearts are broken, and in the midst of craziness, we start taking what are not our own. War breaks out, we start to hate eachother, and no one smiles anymore.

In the wreckage, that time's paradigm, which we hold so dearly as if our lives depend upon it, shifts... and a new era comes. What we have been holding true, what we used to believe, the things we had hoped to continue on to eternity, faces its end--its death.

And so, eternity ends.

Belief, our lives, our rationale, everything changes. Each day, each minute, each fraction of second, our perception becomes false. World changes faster and faster. We are at a time when we must change, destory everything we have in our minds--if we are to survive and live on to eternity.

And new eternity has begun.

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