Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It Was Like...An Ordinary Day + Alpha

For those of you who forgot, it was my birthday yesterday. (I'm staring at you... yes, you!) I generally don't like making announcement about my birthday in advance, because it feels like I'm asking for presents. Rather, I like telling people on that day, just so it won't go by too much like "just another day". So, the day came and went without anything too exceptional.

So, when I told some people at Kendo practice that it was my birthday yesterday, we ended up going to one of those people's house late that night, chatting and having few drinks. Although there wasn't any present or a cake (yes... it was a lie!), at least I got to have nice dinner and a few drinks, even if it was Tuesday night.

I ended up going to bed at 4 and come to work a bit after 10 today, an hour later than usual. (I went to bed at 4 yesterday. Kinda funny... considering none of us--five, to be exact--minded drinking on weekday.)

So... where's my present?!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Home, Foreign Home

What does it mean when two short weeks spent somewhere else felt more like home than where I have lived for past four months?

Yes, I have lived in that other place for more eight long years before moving here, but the foreign sensation I had when I arrived back here still exists. It felt so distant; it felt like all the other places I went past driving here, but certainly not like a destination, where my home is.

If the thought of coming back home doesn't arouse joy in me, if going to work every morning doesn't excite me but rather makes my eye wide shut, am I in wrong place, wasting my precious time of youth?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Time is Almost Up

My vacation time is coming to an end. I am planning on leaving this Friday, or maybe Saturday, depending on how I feel.

Funny thing is that now that I had one full week and few days of vacation, I kind of think it was a bit too long for a rookie who've worked only four months before this vacation; I am already too used to living like this, without worrying about getting up early, spending time with family and friends, and not having to spend most of my time in a little cubicle.. This is the life I used to live up until last August, and I love it.

Think this vacation was too long because now I need to get myself disciplined yet again. sigh...