Monday, February 23, 2009



If I wanted it to calm me down,
embrace me with its warm breast,
soothe me with its soft and gentle touch
so that I can feel free to be brave,
try what I could not before...
because I would have a home to come back to
and lay down for the day's rest,

was I expecting too much?

I know that my expectation is high.
This is not a place to look for such comfort.

I know that such relief can only come
when I finally let go of my childish stubbornness
to hold onto what's good to this earlthly body and its desires..

...and let myself loose in His bosom.

I know that
it is the last and the first step to become...
an adult..
be someone I always eager to be...
someone who is so respectable
so responsible of his actions.

I hoped you could be the one to lead me there...

my hope was indeed misplaced.

I know...
"I know what I must do...
but I am afraid to do it..."

It's time to stand on my own feet.