Monday, May 23, 2011


가장 힘들때..
누구한테 기대고 싶을때..

그럴 사람이 없다는게
그 사실이 제일 힘든것 같다.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

무너지지 않도록

그때까지 버틸수 있는 힘이 필요하다..

내 마음이 무너지지 않게

벽이 아닌

기둥을 세우는 지혜를


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Disgusting American Politics

I'm a bit reluctant to post somethings related to news or world events on this blog (I'm trying to keep it personal), but after reading articles like this, I can't but rant here.

The article shows what is wrong with "great" America--lobbying. When done right, sure it can make progress. But this article shows why Washington DC's business as usual is so disgusting: Meredith Attwell Baker, FCC commissioner who was a strong proponent of Comcast-NBC acquisition, quits her job and joins the newly formed company as a Washington DC lobbyist.

Are you disgusted yet? Well, you should be. This is like abuse of power for her own, selfish good, while paving a wide-open way to the demise of net neutrality, and to the f*cking cable-like internet.

It is my belief that telecommunication should be treated like utilities, with complete separation from content providers. It's like water and sewer system; they exist to deliver water to and from us. Or like USPS, that provide the most basic means of sending and receiving packages. They do not discriminate based on content of such goods. (Imagine USPS denying business with you because you used stationary from one company instead of another.) Internet, phone calls, and even cable TV should work like tubes that connect point A and B, and nothing more. It must not discriminate what's going in and out. It works against innovation, freedom, and deprives individuals of choice.

Comcast-NBC acquisition goes directly against that, and Attwell Baker's action disgust me. Comcast charging extra, or even blocking, any content coming from networks other than NBC became a natural thing for that company to take now.

I'm a subscriber to Comcast. I hate this company. It imposed monthly internet usage cap very secretively. If you are Comcast broadband subscriber and was surprised by this, I won't blame you. Comcast never told its subcribers of this important change. I just can't believe Comcast is the only viable ISP choice I have at my apartment.

Once again, nice going, America.