Monday, May 7, 2007

Farewell, My Friends.

Facing my graduation ceremony--commencement ceremony, rather--I think about the implication of this to my lifestyle. What does it mean? How will it change my life from this point and on? Besides some of the obvious changes, such as office life, financial burden, independence, and so on, there is one that I haven't been thinking about.

People. The people I came to call my friends. What will happen to them?

To some of you, the answer may be pretty obvious. They will still be friends, and probably you'll come to visit them once in a while. However, the thing for me is that I still don't know where I will be after school. I don't know where I will be living, and if I move to somewhere far away, I'm not so sure if I'll come and visit them. I don't know if I'll see them ever again.

This may sound so cold-hearted to you, but growing apart from people happened to me so many times. I have moved around alot, and whenever I move, I've never ever went back to where I came from. Since the summer of the year '99, when I came over here from overseas, I've never visited my homeland again. It's been so long, and I only talk to very few of the people from that place and even that happens very rarely.

So what will happen to the people over here? Same thing happened to my friends back in the days, of course. Some will stay friends, and some will become strangers again (relatively speaking). Therefore, I feel the need to say proper "good-bye" to those I may not ever see again.

But several of them have already left the campus, and I have missed the chance to do so. Although I feel bad about it, I'd like to use this place to bid proper farewell (if it can be one).

Good-Bye, and farewell. May your trail be full of happiness and success.

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