Friday, May 25, 2007

Angry Person #2

I don't know how valid this information it is, but according to the comedy movie with Adam Sandler, Anger Management, there are two types of angry person in this world: explosive, and implosive.

Explosive angry person, says the movie, is the one who yells at the cashier for not taking a coupon. Implosive person, on the other hand, is the cashier, who listens to them silently day after day until one day, when he finally breaks and brings a machine gun and shoots everyone in the store.

I am writing about this here because whenever Dr. Rydell, the anger therapist, talks about the "anger issue" Dave, the guy with the anger issue from the movie, has, I feel like that's exactly me(!!). I am the implosive angery man who keeps it all inside until it explodes. Well, thanks to my bad memory, I tend to forget what I am angry about in few and so didn't have a chance to explode.

I always think about this characteristic of mine, and think about how I can fix it. Actually, I think about when I will have money to afford a therapist to fix this, rather than what I can do about it. I always think someone else can solve it for me.

I guess my first baby step will be to correct that kind of attitude.

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