Monday, June 4, 2007

My First Job Offer!!!

Atlanta's skyline

I just got a call Lockheed Martin's headquarter, and their HR personnel gave me a good news. Well, I had been expecting this for a while, but I finally got the offer after about 2 weeks of waiting. This is my first job offer, and so, I am really excited.

But as always, there's a catch. Their offer, as she outlined it for me, didn't quite live upto my expectation. I will know more about it in detail once I get the offer package by snail-mail, but I want to negotiate the offer and try to get as much more as possible. But then, she says they don't negotiate if I don't have any other offer at hand... Hmm, is this true? Maybe this is one of those things they say just to avoid going through trouble of negotiation, and to fool youngsters like me into an unfair contract.

Well, for now, let me be happy. But I guess I'll tell other locations to hurry, since I'll only have a week to decide once I get the package.

As people say, I guess no one can have everything they want, hmm? But I don't think trying to be in 50th percentile is all that greedy.

UPDATE: I just got another call from same company, in different location about another interview. It was nice because it was local, but when I told her that I just received an offer from same company, but different division, she said she can't pursue it if that's the case. Apparently, I have to decline the offer I got today in order to pursue other positions in the same company. That means interviews I did at Syracuse, the one at VA Beach I was looking forward to, all went out the window today--if I do choose to accept that offer that is. Ah... Sadness....

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