Monday, November 3, 2008

A Musing on Relationship

To be fatuously honest, one of the reasons my last relationship didn't last is that I thought of the other immature. This is silly that it's funny because looking back, it was I that was the young one, not knowing a thing what he was doing.

At the time, I wanted to be a responsible and reliable adult (I still do) and started the relationship because she appeared to be remarkably mature for her age. Maybe I thought I'd be an adult by having one next to me. When I discovered that she was, in fact, a teenage girl still struggling to shape her ego, I found myself in a mulky position. And rest is history.

What I realized after the breakup is something that everyone knows: people change, or grow, in this case. Shortly after, I found her changing--for the better--very fast that I actually regretted not giving more deliberation to the decision and time for the relationship. In short, I just didn't hold out long enough.

People make mistakes. People make all kinds of stupid calls and from those, they learn. I believe I've learned something out of this... and I shall put it to practice this time around, and hope that this time, I will have a relationship I always wanted: a meaningful, deep, and mature relationship.


Sean Tzeng said...

can you tell i'm bored today?

Anyways. You were young. It was a learning experience for both of you.

Peter Park said...

And you should blog while at work. :P