Sunday, November 2, 2008

Energy-Sucking Work

It feels like I get tired just by sitting at my desk in this window-less, all-gray and bland office.

It is a psychological thing? Is my attitude towards this place doing it? How about you? Do you get tired just by being at your work?


Ren Chan said...

if you're not getting enough vitamin d from being out in the sun, that may actually hurt your mood. Also, fluorescent lights have been proven to make people more tired, less productive, and less energetic than natural light. That's why a lot of offices include a gym or some place to work out so employees can go during lunch breaks and get back their energy. Does your office have one? Sorry your office is dull =,= maybe bring chocolate to work - haha that's what we do in my office.

Peter Park said...

There's bunch of candy jars in a cubicle near here, but I'm not really big on munchies; they tend to make me more tired than give me energy. I guess I'll just start taking vitamin pills again.

Thanks for the advice.