Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nobody Here

친해지고 싶었던 동생이
이곳과 작별을 한다.

내가 좋아라 하는 사람들은,
마음에 드는 사람들은
다들 내 곁을 떠나가는 느낌.
언제나 멀리있는 느낌..


Anonymous said...

Sean uploaded pictures of Nari, too cute! she has the most beautiful coat, excellent pick ^ ^ now you have an adorable roommate, I'm so jealous!

Peter Park said...

Xt, use Facebook for comments like this! I check my email and do log into facebook from time to time you know :P

And seems like everyone besides me are more into Nari than myself... lol

Anonymous said...

=,= seemed to apply to you're talking about "nobody here" now that someone's there! I'm not on facebook much, but how can you say that about your adorable kitty? she's too cute and she'll help you live longer, so long as she doesn't try to munch on your new xbox 360 cords XD

Doc said...

I have a great idea!!! MOVE TO NEW YORK!!! at least you'll have some friends for the next four years or so :P