Monday, April 7, 2008

My Lead

It is under tremendous stress or urgency when people lowers their guard, or mask, and reveals their ugly side they'd hoped to hide from public's eye's; one of the easiest place to observe a person's naked personality is, obviously, sports. But if sports is not your thing, it's kinda hard to see others real, personal sides.

My team that I currently belong to at work is under a heavy burden of finishing our software within deadline--we only have 2 more weeks. My goodness!--and under allotted budget. I'm actually out on an Air Force base, running and correcting tests and software on the fly with the person I currently look upon the most: my team lead. And because of his utterly obvious involvement and his enthusiasm towards our current project, I cannot think of anyone else who works so hard, and so well.

But I guess even Archilles' had to reveal his weak spot; my team lead, facing hectic schedule and enormous mountain of work, started to let never-before-seen traits out. There are some that I've spotted, but one thing I am most surprised to find out is his frustration with other coworkers we work with.

Yes, everyone has something to say about others, especially those he or she works with. Yet, this came to me as a surprise because he came to me as a person who's only capable of saying great things about others--he provided a fantastic, and thus very unrealistic input about me to my managers that they are so happy with me, and everything he said to me about others at work were only the positives, never even slightest bit negative. Until now, that is. (But he really is a good person still. Just not as much as I once thought he was.)

I guess I am trying to say that I'm still pretty gullible to the image people give out. Thought I was getting better at looking past appearance, but I fail to do so, yet again.

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