Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kitty (..Or A Spoiled Man-Child)

I'm starting to think that
I am like cat in some ways.

Like cats, I want to be
the center of attention
But only when I want it..
which is pretty much all the time.

But, when I do want attention,
and if I don't get it,
I grow grumpy
like a spoild little boy.

I like being with someone
but not necessarily doing stuff
with someone.

Basically, I want someone to be around
while I do what I do.

Just so I don't feel alone..

Edit: And like cats, I'm cute.
...now you can kill me.

1 comment:

Doc said...

tsk tsk...now I shall have to KILL YOU...it is regrettable, but nay reversible...