Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Last 3 Years in 2 Days

I know this is not the time to play around like this, but since yesterday, I've been enjoying my old posts, on this blog and also on my former Naver blog.

And I must say, I'm having a blast..! I didn't realize how long I've been blogging like this--I've went all the way back to summer of 2005, and still going. You'd know how this feels if you ever read stuff you wrote long time ago, be it a note from your class, diary, old letters to or from your loved ones... or even meaningless junks. It feels as if I'm traveling backward in time. All those memories... they are truly priceless.

Anyways, there are quite a few things I realized from reading old posts:

  1. I always wanted to be mature. I still think this, but the burning desire has subsided, although not completely non-existent.
  2. My writing isn't all that bad, although not awesome either.
  3. Some of my writings are very hard to decypher. Did I think hiding true purpose in vague and ambiguous words makes my writing sexy? More often than not, even I myself have hard time understanding what I meant.
  4. Although I did and do get distracted from time to time, on a long enough timeline, I've been looking at one person, and that person only. (And I still do...)
  5. This shoes I'm wearing right now, it's already 3 years old! I seriously need a new pair of shoes.
  6. You've been reading my blog from such a long time ago. Thank you.


Ren Chan said...

I think you're writing has gotten much better. I think you've discovered a new fondness for words you didn't have before because now you feel they can express you better. I've always admired people who are bilingual....and even if you may be more comfortable in one than the other from time to time, you always find time to write in both. >.< keep it up!

Peter Park said...

Well.. then you certainly should start learning another language. It's useful... for instance, you can talk on their back without whispering and in their face if you speak in a language that that person does not undrstand. lol.

No, I don't do that :P

Ren Chan said...

haha, what, you know a lot of people who do that? do you do that? booo, so mean! And learning mandarin is hard, even with sisi around to correct they only start with words like cat, girl, boy, man, horse....can't really have a conversation about someone with vocab like that ^ ^'''