Saturday, August 25, 2007

Imagine Me & You

"Yes it is.
I want you to be happy.
More than anything else I wanted to be the cause of happiness in you.
But if I'm not, then I can't stand in the way, you see?
Because what you're feeling now, Rachel, is the unstoppable force.
Which means that I've got to move."

I'll be honest. I used to have so called "homo-phobia." I used to become so grossed out at anything homo--I just couldn't understand why they'd go after someone that has their.. tool (you know what I mean..).

Then over the last few years, I started to think differently. I guess all those TV shows and movies made my perception change a bit. Then, over the last winter, I actually got to get to know some gays and lesbians--working at a department store tends to provide excellent opportunity for meeting them in person. This finally got me to accept them. They are people just like any others who have their own lives, likes and dislikes, habits, schedule... and, of course, their own love life.

This movie opened my mind to those people without any effort on my side. The love story it had is something that anyone can relate to. But then, the couple that the story is centered around are women, not a man and a woman. Besides that one small thing, everything else is just like any other stories... love, hate, conflict... And the characters being adorable also helped, too.

On a side note, I was surprised to see the old British people were so natural with gays. I mean, old parents, in an American TV show about lesbians, were freaking out when they found out about their daughter is in fact homosexual. The family went through a huge drama to accept that fact, but in this movie, the parents of a daughter, who is married to a man already, accepted the fact that she was a lesbian, and that she is maddly in love with another woman so easily. Maybe it's because it is a movie. But more British movie I watch, more I am astonished at how fast their society move forward..

And will I let go of my love like Hect? I think I will. And I will probably kill myself afterwards.. Just kidding. I think..

Yes! I knew it was her...
a woman who stood behind the king of braves
when the world turned against him...

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