Friday, August 17, 2007


I was flipping through channels and, I don't know why, but I started watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Although it definitely is a chick-flick, it actually touched on many good topics. And, I say this shamelessly, it did have several moments that made me think about things in the past... especially Lena and Bridget's stories.

Watching a little girl falling in love, I asked, 'Can boys and girls fall in love? Is what they feel, that fireworks in their brains that goes off when they're around certain people of opposite sex, actually love? If so, why do people think that they are just playing around when they are in love?'

The answer, I guess, might be that kids grow up. They change fast. With those changes, even a lovely couple can grow apart easily when they fail to embrace those changes.

At my age of 23, I still have the urge to change. I want to become someone I want to be; I do not want to be satisfied, yet. Maybe when I finally become someone that I think is real me, I will be ready for a real mature relationship.

...but I'm afraid that day will never come...

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Ren Chan said...

you know chis who does kumdo? he was at practice today and he sounded just like you, it was so odd, but it was actually nice to have that voice there!

I really like that movie too, especially Lena's story because I think Costas has a great perspective. In Intro to film today we watched Moonstruck, you need to go rent it, you'll really like it!