Thursday, July 10, 2008


As a Christian, I know that I shouldn't really heed the words of things like fortune cookie. But sometimes, the fortunes from those cookies seem right on target, that I can't really dismiss what it says completely.

Yesterday, I cracked open a fortune cookie after a meal out, and got a proper fortune--not one of those stupid "You are great person... blah blah" thing--that told me I'll find an item I've been looking for within few days. At first, I took the word "item" loosely, and hoped it meant "someone," like a hot girl or cute girl. ;D

But then there was this "item" item I've been missing: my iPod shuffle. It was lost in the rush to airport last week, and I wasn't able to find it even with all-out search last Sunday after I got back from the trip.

Today, after I got out of my car and started walking to my work, I remembered that I sometimes put my iPod in my shirt's chest pocket (whatever that is called). Remembering the fortune, I half-heartedly felt the pocket, and voila! My iPod, sitting in the pocket.

I know this may sound trivial; after all, people do lose and find things all the time. However, when such finding is preceded first with giving up, then with a fortune telling, one can't help but feel the coincidence may not be just a coincidence.

And that's what I feel like, and I will always remember the fortune that told me my golden days are not far from now.


Doc said...

I think your golden days have already passed with out you noticing it...

and furthermore, now that you found your "item", you've lost your chance of getting that new IPhone FOREVER!!!!....

pity pity..

Peter Park said...

I'm so tempted to delete your comment... -_ -+