Thursday, July 10, 2008

Failure To Evolve

Time flies. It definitely flies. This is especially obvious when I learn of new idol groups consisted of little girls or boys that are born in years that I actually remember vividly. What kind of boys and girls do you picture when you think of those born after '90s? Well, those fully developed (or more than I expect) girls and boys with thick and low voice on television are definitely not what I picture!

Eh-hem. I digress. So, anyways, as I waste supersonic days of my life, my time here in Atlanta has already getting close to a full year; one short more month, and it will be my 1st year aniversary. What's more is that it already has been a one full year since my college graduation! Now how long ago was it when I thought a year was such a dreadfully long time..?

In that short time, of which I can't remember what I've been doing, there's one thing I've noticed that occurred several times spread throughout my stay: when meeting new people, I am frequently asked what I am studying. Noticed I didn't say what I "studied"; they are assuming, and I don't know why, that I am still in school, either in undergraduate or graduate, pursuing some kind of degree. So, I generously inform them of my graduation and of my work.

So, my question is, what is it about me that makes people think I am still in school? Is it my college-nerdy look that I failed to get rid of after college? Is it the same damn clothes from back at school I still wear? Or my Harry Potter-esque nerdy glasses?

Whatever it is, the constant inquiry of my major is really getting into my head; I'm now thinking maybe my place is in academia, not in this harsh, survival-of-the-fittest business sector.

Ah, the comfortable, laid-back, full of dusty old books that I'll never open, and supportive atmosphere...

Well, I guess it's good, then, that I am looking into going back to school already, and that my study of GRE is about to commence. several months ago--I bought GRE vocabulary book several months back, and hasn't gone past first 30 vocabularies. Yay?

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Doc said...

nonsense!!! Your Harry-Potter-esque glasses are AWESOME