Monday, February 4, 2008

Say Hello to Crunch-Time!

By Tom Richmond of Tom's MAD Blog

I guess I should have anticipated this when I signed up to work here: every programmer's friend, the dreaded crunch time. During this week's team meeting, my boss, who doesn't join us normally, has payed a visit to state how imperative it is for us to do whatever possible to deliver our product on time--by early-May deadline. With our projected schedule progress predicting a deadline slip by appalling an month-delay, it is the management's hope to cram everything into these few months to be on-time.

What this means is a mandatory 20% overtime every single week until we release this thing, and that's 8-hours of OT every week. (That's 104 extra hours!) While this nets me more money to pay my bills, but... being forced to do OT, which is supposed to be voluntary, it's not all merry and glory to me. And it also implies no days off until the delivary date. Oops! Bye-bye, New Orleans.. :(

Anyways, back to work....



Tom R said...

If you want to use an image from my website in your blog the least you could do is give me a credit. How about:

Image © Tom Richmond

That and a link back would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Park said...

Please don't put advertising comments. How rude of you?

Don't you know God kills a kitten everytime you spam?

Tom R said...

I like that.

That's not an advertising comment. The "deadline demon" image you are using in this post was taken from my blog and used without my permission. How rude of YOU. Don"t you know God kills a kitten everytime you infringe on someone's copyright?

If you are going to steal someone's work, the least you can do is know where it came from.

Peter Park said...

WOW. That was stupid of me. Not sure how I completely missed your point.

My bad. Credit and link added.

Please don't sue me.

Peter Park said...

Wait, how did you find out about it? Hmm.. interesting.

Ren Chan said...

are you still joining us this weekend??????

Peter Park said...

yep, thought I made it clear! Did someone tell you otherwise?

Tom R said...

Thank you.

My blog has a trackback feature that gives me the URL of blogs or websites that link back to my blog, be it though a link or through an image like yours. That's how I found you... this post appeared on that list.

Don't worry... I'm not going to sue you. You have my permission to use the Dreaded Deadline Demon image as long as you include a credit and link.

Thanks again.

Doc said...

are you coming to VA???? or is ren chan going to GA?

well...I am lost about whereabouts (I sound like Austin Powers a little, don't I)

Peter Park said...

i'm visiting VT this weekend. you'll miss me since you won't be running down 4 hrs just to see me!! :P