Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Be My Inspiration...But No More.

Surfing through friends' webpages, I see many expressing their distress, hardship, and loneliness time to time. Yes, everyone has those moments--I certainly do, if not too often--however, I find even those those who come to me as very attractive and bright personalities leading very meaningful lives showing small, little wishes to go, or be taken, somewhere afar. Being someone who defines others almost exclusively by what meets the eye, those, more often than not, come to me as surprises.

And a surprise is always followed by some kind of reaction; wanting them to stay how they were and continue to be my inspirations, I instantly bear this intense desire to be a necessary help to them...even if that means becoming someone more than just a friend.

And that is my unforgivable, selfish, irresponsible greed; I want them to be just my inspirations, but never my burden. So, I am already planning for a convenient, yet brutal, exit. At the moment they stops giving me a reason to see this world as a wonderful place, I turn around. And walk away.

Ultimately, all I want is to be inspired. Inspired to stay free. Be whatever I wish to be.. And keep my options, as many as possible.

...and it is time for me to stop.


Ren Chan said...

something interesting...also not related to your post...I never thought about this perspective until I read this article..

Peter Park said...

I came across similar article long ago. Didn't really give it a hard thought being a little brat I was.

As games become less primary-skill-based (ones that doesn't base on dexterity, hand-eye coordination, etc), that problem should occur less, hopefully.

But game accessibility, not limited to color-blindness, is definitely something every game designer should start thinking about.