Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Benicio and The Del Toros and... Us???

I did a little search on that great jazz(?) band that we enjoyed the other night. Remember, Benicio and The Del Toros? And I found this clip of them playing at Cafe Lalo on the New Year's Eve. And who were there at that time enjoying their awesome music?

We were!

Check this out:

Who's that in the center chatting our night away? LOL. Did you guys know they were filming this? I had my back towards the camera, so I had noooo idea. But this is funny. And weird.

And I wanna go there again, enjoy the tasty coffee liquor, and get in the mood with the rhythm once more.


Doc said...


well they play every sunday now :P so please come!

hannah said...

얼굴은 나밖에 안보인다..하하하;;...-ㅁ-

Doc said...

write something boy

Peter Park said...


Well, not that I don't want to, but ... I need one of those smart phones so I can write something at the moment I have something to write about. It fades away only minutes later... sign of age. *sigh*