Wednesday, June 25, 2008


While listening to Ryan Payton's podcast, I was thinking, 'What if I make a weekly podcast that my friends can listen to? I'll upload them on this blog where they'll be able to read my posts and listen to my ramblings.' Of course, I won't do such pointless stuff since I don't talk much in real life anyways, but that's not the point.

The next thing I thought was where to upload the recordings, and that's where it came to me: What if there's a webservice where users can record, edit, and distribute their podcasts? It will come with a way to embed the recordings into their blogs, and also a way for others to subscribe to it via RSS or iTunes. It will have a few samples of music clips for users to insert as an opening/ending clip.

Photo by Antonis Papantoniou

Although YouTube is currently a huge trend, I don't think every single person on Earth really wants to record their face and distribute it. While this can be said to their voice recordings, I am thinking there are more who're fine with their own voice than their appearance. And people do like to chat about anything.

So, YouTube of Podcasts. There you go.

I should tell this to WoongKi hyung, who asked me for an idea on web service.

EDIT: Oh, I took a closer look at the page I got that picture from, and it is actually talking about Podcasting. It even has a long list of websites for Podcasting. I guess I'm just slow. :d

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