Friday, June 6, 2008

It's All About the First Answer

I am aware of my tendency to fall for girls that are pretty to my eyes. But whenever I'm asked what kind of girls I like, I hesitate to answer just "pretty girls." I guess saying it makes me feel shallow. So, I always avoid saying just that, but add, "who doesn't like pretty girls?" after reciting what kind of girls I don't like. No airheads, no stuck-ups, no selfish ones, and so on.

But last Sunday, while having a dessert with a church associate, I was again asked the same question. After several dodging and ducking, it came to the inevitable topic, and I told him about this one girl I was attracted to at the church. Being an old church member, he was able to figure out who that was, and told me that I have an eye for pretty girls. Well, I didn't know how to respond to this, but took it as a compliment.

But then, the real question came:

"What kind of girls do you see living with in future, making a family and spending rest of your life with?"

I know that by contemplate on this question, one can figure out in what order one examines, if you will, possible future spouse. However, I think, with ample time to think about it, people can formulate a nice sounding answer that isn't quite the truest to one's self. But when asked in the middle of conversation... I'd say the first thing that comes to mind is probably is the most honest response.

So, at that moment, it struck me, the most important aspect of a girl that I look at. It was... the look. When I pictured my future spouse, she was gorgeous looking. Only after that came nice mother, good wife, good cook, responsible, and on and on and on.

Although you may think this is pretty trivial thing I'm talking about here, but because I got so used to rationalizing my preference by adding extra bits and pieces, it was quite a shock; I really am pretty shallow. And have high standards. wonder why I can't find a girlfriend.


hannah said...

i got u..-.-...

Peter Park said...

you got me...?
did you?