Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Healthcare thingy..

Reading Roger Ebert's blog post about the current situation with our Healthcare got me to think about what'd be the best solution for the issue once again.

You know, what if there is a plan where it's very affordable to everyone, but requires the subscriber to get every preventative care the plan requires, as well as excercise and eat healthy food? Well, the last part is too invasive, and yes, I'm just thinking out loud here, but I really think America should focus more on preventative care, as well as eating and staying healthy, rather than soley focusing on treating illness.

If there is a plan like this, I'd get it, and start getting preventative cares. And start exercising.

Yes, I just want someone to push me to start taking care of myself. But I think most Americans are like that, too. Sitting on the couch, looking at all those pretty models on TV and think, 'man, only if I tried, I'd be someone like that, too.'

Anyways, whichever Healthcare model they end up with, I hope it's something that's good for everyone.

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