Thursday, October 2, 2008

She Spilled Her Coffee, Broke Her Shoelace...

For a while, I thought I found a place where I can call "home".
I thought I found a place where I feel like I am worth something,
that I am being appreciated.

But I am now seeing that feeling fleeting away from me,
as if it were only an illusion.

What should I do when all of my input is ignored?
When my best effort is being shot down like flies?

I may be being too sensitive.
I may be being too selfish and childlike.

But I had a high hope of finding a cause,
and now that I don't... it's just... very depressing.

Again, I am reminded that I really don't like leaders.
I feel sorry for his newly wed wife,
who's being ignored,
whose being is regarded as given.

I had a bad day.



DalBBit said...

is she the newlywed wife? =(
who spilled her coffee and broke her shoelace? ummmm...

ur writing reminds me of The Mezonin.
not sure how it spelled.
what i'm trying to say is that i like ur writing very much. cheer up tho!!

DalBBit said...

The Mezzanine it is!!

Peter Park said...

What's the Mezzanine? And the title's from a song, "Bad Day" by Fuel. It's the background music I got on my minihp. :p